dong Dishutang -


Nom de la grotte : Dishutang -
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.20931 - 107.92746
Altitude (m) : 1011
Développement (m) : 32
Profondeur (m) : 32
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Dishutang ,


Description 1

On east side of Da Keng valley, to left of the path, immediately after steep climb out of fields into scrub land. The entrance is a rift on a ledge at the base of a small cliff.

The entrance is a 2m x 0.8m vertical slot running on a north-south axis, from which rocks fall free to water. The shaft is rigged with 2 thrubolts in the flat rock of the ledge, followed by a single bolt rebelay just over the lip. 10m down another bolt rebelay gives a free hang to the bottom. The pitch lands at the northern end of a narrow (2m at widest) rift on a small ledge of rock + rubbish. From there the floor slopes away into an 8m long pool fed by water running down the west wall. The pool rapidly becomes too deep for wading, but it is possible to traverse round it on ledges. The water seemed very fresh and presumably drains through a sump. There is no obvious way on, although underwater options were not investigated. The locals say this shaft has been explored by pigs and cows... but no evidence of them was seen.

MDR, JSD 2003

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