dong Longlaodong Active -


Nom de la grotte : Longlaodong Active -
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.42833 - 107.66583
Altitude (m) : 985
Développement (m) : 224
Profondeur (m) : 12
Profondeur - / + (m) : 12 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Longlaodong Active ,


Description 1

This impressive resurgence cave (approx 4 cumecs) is approached by a climb over boulders into an entrance 20m wide by 10m high. This is quickly followed by a chamber some 25m wide containing a large, but shallow pool and a streamway. Easy going up a slope over boulders after 100m reaches a muddy ledge running along the right hand wall 2 -3m above water which fills the full width of a passage approximately 10m wide. This can be followed for a further 120 m, until a more awkward traverse above the water ends at a silent sump pool.

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Site sur les projets China-Caves et notamment les expé Yangtze Gorges expeditions 94 et 96 et les perspectives. Topos, photos, cartes, descriptifs, anecdotes...
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topographie Longlaodong Active
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