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Nom de la grotte : Shuileandong -
Autres noms : Cave Beside The Waterfall
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
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Altitude (m) : 0
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1Entrée : Shuileandong ,


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Shui Lean Dong was shown to us by a farmer; without his help we would never have located it. It is situated an hour's walk up the Furong Jiang from his village, which is close to where the river rafting starts and where a smaller stream joins the main river on it's true left bank.

The cave is a fossil remnant of an earlier system at the same height as the show cave, but on the opposite bank of the river. The main cave has been explored by the farmer (he had even made a wooden raft to cross the entrance lake and laid claim to the cave by building a wall and padlocking the entrance).

The long, narrow lake gives way to a calcite blockage, which can be climbed to give access to a large, impressive chamber. There area number of fine formations there, some surrounded by water. A steep boulder slope rises up to the wall on the east side of the chamber. Beyond this a narrowing passage, blind at it's furthest end, allows access on the left to a parallel passage at a lower level. This closes down in a northerly direction after a pool, but a continuation down to the right (southeast) leads to a 10m pitch. This proves disappointing despite the fact that deep booming noises can be heard from the top. Once at the bottom the sound is found to emanate from a small hole and the streamway is immature, small and becomes too tight in both directions.

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