dong Yaolindong - 瑶琳洞


Nom de la grotte : Yaolindong - 瑶琳洞
Autres noms : Grotte de jade
Province, Préfecture, District :
Zhejiang 浙江省 , Hangzhou Shi 杭州市, Tonglu 桐庐县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.887744 - 119.532028
Altitude (m) : 56
Développement (m) : 1 551
Profondeur (m) : 33
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
Géologie : Carbonifère et Permien
1Entrée : Yaolindong 瑶琳洞,


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LIN, Junshu; ZHAO, Shusen; HUANG, Cixuan; ZHANG, Yaoguang (1993): An approach to the evolution of Yaolin cave and global climatic changes.-
Proceedings XI Intern. Congress of Speleology, 2nd-8th August 1993, Beijing 1993: 42-43 (2 fig.) (chines. summ.).
There have been 4 stages in the evolution of Yaolin cave, 90 km SW of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. The study involved sporo-pollen analysis, U-series datings, oxygen isotope analysis. The stages are: the Middle Pleistocene stage before 500 ka BP, a stage at 134 ka BP and 22°C, the Late Pleistocene stage at 34 ka BP and 8°C, the modern stage at 11 ka BP and 11°C resp. 20°C in Middle Holocene. It is shown that development of caves is also a response to global climatic changes. (RB).
Source : BBS

ZHANG, Shouyue; JIN, Yuzhang (1993): CO2 in soil and air in cave environments.-
Proceedings XI Intern. Congress of Speleology, 2nd-8th August 1993, Beijing 1993: 153-155 (8 tab.) (chines. summ.).
Data of CO2 measurements are reported. The relationships of the CO2 levels to the conditions of cave ventilation, the type of cave sediment and moisture content, the climatic zone and seasonal changes of CO2 are discussed. Air pollution of a show cave is illustrated by observations of CO2 levels from Yaolin cave, Zhejiang province. (RB)
Source : BBS

LIN, Junshu; ZHANG, Yaoguang (editors); et al. (1993): Research on origination and environment of Yaolin cave in China.-
China Sciences & Technology Press, Beijing, 1993: 229 pages, 6 plates, figs., surveys, tab. (chinese; engl. summ. pag. 225-229).
Yaolin cave is in Tonglu County, Zhejiang province. The cave includes 6 chambers and the underground river river connects the multi - levels passages, the main passage is 960 m long. Since Yaolin cave opened in 1982, there are 12,8 million people who visited the cave until the end of 1991. This multidisciplinary monograph includes the following studies: Geomorphology and speleomorphology; Speleoecology and speleobiology; Chronology of speleothems; Quaternary sediments; Paleoclimate and paleoenvironment related to cave development; Dynamic conditions of cave development; Karst development and cave evolution; Exploitation planning and practice; Comparison study between Yaolin cave and Dimnic cave (Slovenia). (RB).
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SONG, Linhua; et alii (1997): The case study on the effect of CO2 in cave atmosphere on stability of speleothem scenery in Yaolin cave, Zhejiang Province, China.-
Journal of the Chinese Geography (Beijing), vol. 7 No.3, 1997: 26-36 (map).

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Experiment of recovering weathered speleothems in Yaolin cave, Tonglu County, Zhejiang, China Proceedings of the IIIrd Congress of the International Show Caves Association, Santadi 19-25 October 1998 : 143-150. 6 phot., 4 tab., 4 fig.
Descrizione di esperimenti di ricrescita di speleotemi alterati nella grotta turistica di Yaolin (Cina). (JDW).
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Characteristics of tourism in Yaolin cave, Zhejiang province, China Proceedings of the IIIrd Congress of the International Show Caves Association, Santadi 19-25 October 1998 : 151-156. 2 tab., 5 fig.
Descrizione delle caratteristiche della grotta turistica di Yaolin (Cina). (JDW).
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Lin, Junshu; Zhang, Yaoguang; Zhou, Xuansen: Evolution and Enviornment of Yaolin Cave, Zhejiang Province, China. In: Karst landscape and cave tourism.
Edited by Linhua Song; Huaiyuan Ting, China environmental science press, 136-141, 1993.
Yaolin cave, 960m long and stable at 17°C whole year, is 90km to southwest of Hangzhou. 40 species of fauna live in it. This paper described: (1) It develops in C2h and C3c pure limestone. The regional geomorphology has experinced 4 stages to form 2 types of climatic karst. Yaolin caves belong to monsoon karst developing in last stage. (2) It formed in middle Pleistocene and has undergone 4 stable periods of earth crust. According to geochochemical, sporo-pollen and 18O analysis, it might be in several warm interglacial stages and integrated dynamics were available to develop horizontal caves. Since 134 ka B.P. the maximum amplitude of annual mean temperature was about 14°C. The highest solution rate was 8-10 times more of the lower one. (3) 230Th/234U dating suggested the oldest speleothems deposited 350 ka B.P., and solution rate to form the cave volume explained it originated 500 ka B.P. Its evolution processes may be divided into 4 stages: 1. caves separately developing; 2. dispersively extending; 3. connecting stage; 4. modern course of subsurface stream developing stage. Yaolin cave developed from phreatic to vadose one with uplifting of earth crust.
Source : IGU KC

Yin, Xu: Deepening reform and changing traditional mind to develop tourism fast. In: Karst landscape and cave tourism.
Edited by Linhua Song, Huaiyuan Ting, China environmental science press, 249p., 181-183, 1993.
Tonglu country has exploited the tourist resources centralized the Yaolin cave to promote the economic development and make the poor commune Zinan to change its look completely from average personal income 79 yuan/ a in 1979 to 3,000 yuan/ a in 1990. Now it becomes a tourist commune where all family has 10,000 yuan a year. The development of tourism in Tonglu County is relied on the way of financial accumulation by themself and progress step by step. The tourism development has made good ecologic environment; with the hills more green and the waters more clear. The visitors to Yaolin cave have been exceeded one millions a year. The economic, social and ecologic environmental efficencies are very outstanding; while there are some problems shoud be solved such as the visit duration in Tonglu too short, tourist goods are too simple and night life is not so satisfied. The Administration Bureau of Tonglu County has built up the wax musium of the impires and famous women in the different dynasties, fairyland in Yaolin cave and fishing base at Luci gulf of Fuchuanjiang river, also preparing to visit Tonglu by plane as to set up the complete tourism with "history, geography and literature by the means of water, land and air".
Source : IGU KC

BELLA, Pavel : [Show caves Yaolin and Chuiyun in China]
Aragonit (Liptovsky Mikulas), n° 6 (2001) : 40-41. In Slow.; 2 fig.
Der Besuch in den chinesischen Schauhöhlen. (GR).
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topographie Yaolindong 瑶琳洞
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