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Perte Du Grand Poljé -
Nom de la grotte : Perte Du Grand Poljé -
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Province, Préfecture, District :
Yunnan 云南省, Lijiang 丽江市, Lijiang
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
27.355 - 100.27333
Altitude (m) : 3240
Développement (m) : 0
Profondeur (m) : 0
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 / 0
Volume (m3) : 0
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Bi, Yuxi; Li, Yubiao; Zhao, Jiangqiang; He, Bogao: Development of cave tourism relying on sciences and technology. In: Karst landscape and cave tourism.
Edited by Linhua Song; Huaiyuan Ting, China environmental science press, 184-187, 249p., 1993.
The exploitation of Yaolin cave and development oftourism in Tonglu county are entirely relaid on the sciences andnew technology. The main experiences to develop cave tourismare as follows: (1) make great effort to do scientific surveyand research on exploiting cave tour resources, to araise up thetourist quality and set up new tourist projects continuously;(2) persist in principle of "protecting scenery first";(3) cave tourism must be put on the base of natural scence and(4) keep the cave in the natural state and protect ecologicalenvironment; (5) the characters of the cave should be outstanding;(6) carefully and scientifically make planning and designing ofthe tourist cave; (7) strengthen propaganda as to make it well-knownand increase the new sources of tourist; (8) train the guidesand administrators to improve their service; (9) make better guideand explanation for different visitors and spread the scientificknowledge; (10) rise up the level of the cave tourism and openup new tourist resources. There are some probrems such asthe scenery protection, long term observation of the speleo-eclologicalenvironment and stability of the caves should be solved.
Source : IGU KC

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