dong Hemakeng - 河麻坑


Nom de la grotte : Hemakeng - 河麻坑
Autres noms : Hemp River Pit
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.592776 - 108.014814
Altitude (m) : 1215
Développement (m) : 1 098
Profondeur (m) : 87
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Hemakeng 河麻坑,


Description 1

On the path from Houping to Er Wang Dong, on the shortcut above the main road.

Horses' Doofers

Scramble 10 metres down a steep, overgrown gully to the obvious large entrance with a small stream entering it. Immediately to the left of this main entrance is a second entrance into walking size passage with a separate small stream entering it.This alternative passage drops down and joins the main passage shortly before the third, vertical entrance. A further, small entrance above and to the left of the main entrance rapidly closes down to a squeeze [QM C]. A small stream exits this small entrance then flows into the second entrance.

The main entrance is roomy and flat roofed with mud covered walls and a floor of boulders. A strong draft enters the cave making the initial passage very misty. The passage drops gently generally southwards for 50m where a passage carrying a small stream enters from the left, from the second entrance described above. After a further 50m south, daylight on the right and the unmistakable stench of dead animal indicates the third, vertical entrance in a large chamber up on the right of the main passage. This entrance is obvious on the surface, just to the left of the path to Er Wang Dong. A further 50m south down the main walking passage (also with a low parallel passage) another walking size passage enters from the left immediately above where the main passage drops down 2 metres. This left inlet continues up for around 50m, gradually reducing in size and ending in a large aven (could probably climb at least the first section of this, QM C). Just before this final aven, two small unsurveyed inlets lead off on the right. The first, lower one gradually reduces down from walking [QM C]. The second starts with a 5m crawl to an aven then continues as an awkward crawl [QM C].

From the drop by the junction with this left inlet, the main passage continues dropping gently down southwards - see Mouldy Moths.

[Duncan Collis, Becka Lawson, Erin Lynch]

Mouldy Moths

From the end of Horses Doofers, the passage continues 12m wide, gently sloping down with a braided streamway. After 30m there is a blind climb up on a shelf to the right. The passage continues large for a further 30m until it splits, with the stream flowing in low passage to the left, and a higher bouldery passage to the right. At various points the two passages connect. After 40m an inlet enters from the right [QM B] and the higher level passage is blocked. The way on is with the stream in 1-2m tall passage with a boulder-wall to the right [QM C]. After 45m the stream ends in a too tight rift, while the way on is up and to the right over mud and boulders to windy 1.5m wide passage ending in a drippy junction where a small stream enters from the south. Continuing north comes to a chamber where the draught and water exit via a large choke and there is a 10m long rift to a calcited aven. Heading south from the drippy junction 90m of small stream passage with occasional muddy boulders ends in a climb up to an aven.

[Erin Lynch, Julian Todd]

Rotten Rats

An inlet comes in from the right. This heads north in large passage with a boulder floor and a flat roof. 20m from the junction of this inlet with the main passage an apparently large inlet comes in on the right. This, though, soon closes down but a steep climb up continued from it. This climb soon became too vertical to be easy [QM C]. The main inlet continues north, gradually sloping upwards until an area of large boulders and breakdown signals the beginning of the end. Much evidence of rats (droppings and bones) and cave crickets here. From this point: 1, a clamber on the left leads to a point where a little daylight can be seen reflected off the walls of the chamber. Three unappealing ways on lead from this point - a small aven on the left, a low crawl with rat scratch marks ahead, and possibly a small passage higher and ahead [QM C]. 2, on the right, one inlet becomes too tight whilst a second, higher on the right, is soon choked with mud and boulders. 3, ahead from this point, following the main stream then climbing up then down degenerates into a strongly drafting crawl with a small stream coming from it which can be followed some way [QM C].

[Duncan Collis, Becka Lawson]
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Site sur les campagne d’expéditions du club de Hong Mei Gui. Dans les provinces du Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan. Explorations dans les comtés de Leye, Nandan, Guilin. Données chiffrées sur les cavités topo données topo et photo chronique d’expédition.
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