dong Quankoudong -


Nom de la grotte : Quankoudong -
Autres noms : Spring Mouth Cave
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.541993 - 107.886397
Altitude (m) : 652
Développement (m) : 16 000
Profondeur (m) : 430
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Quankoudong ,


Description 1

Take the Tongzi road towards Tudi. Where the road crosses a bridge over the resurgence water at a very sharp hairpin bend, take the track to the right past where a water pumping station is being constructed. Follow the river water upstream along a good path for around 20 minutes. The water comes from the cave with a huge, obvious entrance.


The entrance is a 116m high slot with a large river emerging from it and an extremely strong outward draft. 50m inside the dripline the cave branches.

Simmons' Scoopway

Most of the water comes from the left branch and wetsuits and floats for bags are essential for this. Even in low water this requires swimming for the initial sections though this is not necessary for most of the rest of the upstream section that has been explored. The passage continues in an extremely high canyon drafting strongly out. There are very limited opportunities for climbing out of the river and several cascades would be impassable in even moderate flow. At the section of breakdown, keep low and to the right to pop through boulders then traverse over left. The passage continues and reaches a junction. Here there is a large breakdown pile on the lefthand side of the passage. The stream is on the righthand side and flows over a 5 m waterfall. A large canyon passage intersects the main passage on the left side, the passage is 5m x 20 m and appears to be where the majority of the air is coming from. This lead is about 10 meters off the floor and will require an aid climb. [QM A] Beyond the breakdown pile, you return to the stream. Here the ceiling gradually begins to reduce in height as the passage continues upstream. Following the streamway, a swim is encountered. Here the streamway has incised creating a narrower canyon with ledges on either side. After this swim, the passage levels out substantially with a consistantly rectangular cross section. The streamway is a gravel lined passage with gravel banks on both sides. At this point there is minimal air movement in the passage. Here formations begin to be encountered, the majority being stalactites and curtains. After a few hundred meters, the ceiling drops to within 2 m of the water and a sump pool is reached with a small lead possibly heading off at the far end. To check this lead, a 4m climb down a muddy slope into another pool of water is reached. [QM C]

Simmons' Hall

This branch can be done in furry suits though will still require waist deep wading. The right branch starts with a waist deep pool, shallowest on the left. Beyond is a walking section over a gravel bank until a second deep pool is reached. This can be crossed by using ledges on the left wall. To climb up out of the pool, duck under the tip of the obvious large boulder and climb up behind it. The main stream enters here from a 5m cascade and there is a side passage on the right. The side passage carries only a small trickle of water and continues to a pool with a climb up beyond and a climb around 100m further [QM B]. The main way on is up the cascade. The lower steps are easy to climb but the final 2m section is awkward. A handline can be attached to a thread at the top (12m rope sufficient). A short section of horizontal streamway follows to where the main stream emerges from a low passage on the left [QM C]. The main way continues with a strong outward draft but little water to a climb which can be bypassed by following a traverse ledge on the left. Beyond is a deep static pool and another climb. At this point the passage appears to intersect a joint. The passage to the right is a steep slope covered in popcorn leading to a high canyon about 15 m off the floor [QM B]. The passage to the left is similarly sloping, with a small stream entering partway up the slope. [QM B] The main passage continues on in the direction of the previous section of the main passage. Here the passage begins to stairstep up and is mostly dry, with intermixed bedrock and gravel floor. After a series of four step ups, the passage levels out and large boulders begin to cover the floor. At this point a Large junction is encountered with a dry canyon passage, 3m x 5m on the left, on top of a ledge. On the right the ceiling domes out and the far wall is not visible. Beyond a boulder climb, the main canyon continues on. Here the passage continues as a tall canyon passage with a boulder covered floor for a few hundred meters. A large junction is reached with two leads on the left hand wall. The first of these was a rift passage a few meters wide and a few more tall, with a small stream. [QM B] The other of these leads was surveyed into a chamber with large breakdown covered in popcorn. here it ends in a small formation area. The main passage continues on as a tall canyon. the passage splits and rejoins about 100 m further upstream. Here there is a small waterfall and a very strong wind. Shortly after another junction is reached. The passage to the right passes through a chamber with multiple leads going off. Two of these appear to return to the main passage fairly quickly. A third continues trending east and quickly reaches another junction. After a short climb down, two stream are met. at this point the streams join and head northeast. There is the downstream [QM B] and two upstream leads in a mud floored passage with a rectangular cross-section. One of these appear to degrade into a low crawl [QM B], and the other continues at 5 m x 8m [QM A]. Back at the main passage, another lead continues on the left. it quickly degrades into a hands and knees crawl taking air. [QM A] Another lead off of the main passage appears to be a cutoff reconnectingto the main passage further downstream. [QM C] The main passage narrows to about 15 m x 15m with a flat gravel floor, it also has a small stream spread around the boulders. Here the passage begins to change character, large ledges are present on either side with intermittent deep pools in the channel. The passage was left continuing in this manor. [QM A]
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Site sur les campagne d’expéditions du club de Hong Mei Gui. Dans les provinces du Guizhou, Guangxi, Yunnan. Explorations dans les comtés de Leye, Nandan, Guilin. Données chiffrées sur les cavités topo données topo et photo chronique d’expédition.
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