dong Shanghetaowandong -


Nom de la grotte : Shanghetaowandong -
Autres noms : Upper Walnut Bend Cave
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.553930 - 107.952612
Altitude (m) : 1050
Développement (m) : 8 489
Profondeur (m) : 471
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Shanghetaowandong ,


Description 1

Dog Hotpot

The entrance is at the base of a large shakehole, next to the obvious huge trash pile. The stream flowing out of the cave appears to sink just before the entrance. Just inside the entrance is a chamber to the left with a drippy aven with some rubbish and a possible passage 3m up in the wall. Following the stream along requires careful wading to avoid flooding your wellies. on the left is an inlet passage (Shancheng Passage). Further along the streamway, the stream rises from a pool in the floor. At this point there is a stooping-size passage on the right (The Crumbles).

Ahead is a steep upward boulder slope leading to a 2m climb up a tilted slab. At the top the passage leads out from the left corner to a chamber with columns (see photo). At the far end the passage continues as stooping/crawling for a short while to emerge into a larger passage with a stream (which disappears into the floor). Ahead one can follow the stream up to where it emerges from a small aven; on the right the passage continues to a greasy 3m climb down into a new streamway running from left to right.

The upstream branch is a high, narrow canyon, which can be followed either at stream level or traversing higher up. This leads to a boulder breakdown chamber where a shower of water emerges from a hole in the ceiling, through which daylight can be seen. This point is within 5m of a known surface sinkhole. It might be possible to climb up where the water emerges under low water conditions.

The downstream branch is larger and wider; the water soon sinks into an impassible slot, but the passage still has a streambed in the floor which shows signs of fairly recent flow. This streambed leads to a wide chamber with nitrate pits and miscellaneous trash on the floor. The streambed swings sharp right to the top of a 3m overhanging drop (Gone To Ground), but the passage below soon degenerates into a flat-out crawl [QM C]. Back in the wide chamber, there is a passage branching off on the left (around 10m wide and high), with a smooth mud floor. There are several narrow cracks on the right but all of these either end or loop back into the main passage. The chamber continues as a large boulder slope leading up to a cluster of impressive stal columns. Ahead is another boulder slope (Mount Improbable), which looks remarkably well-trodden considering that it goes nowhere. Back at the pillars, descending the boulder slope to the right leads to an opening at the base of one wall; this leads to a smaller chamber, with deep holes down through the boulder breakdown floor and a sound of running water. Around the corner to the right the boulders run out leaving an approx 10m pitch down to the stream (needs rigging) [QM B].

The Crumbles

After stooping for a short distance the passage rises to a comfortably-proportioned walking canyon sloping up. This leads up to a junction. Left soon closes down but right continues via a short crawl to the head of a climb down. A handline can be rigged from the obvious wedged boulder. This lands on a large mud bank in wide passage overlooking a streamway. A backup off a large boulder and a spit allows descent to the streamway.

Downstream, clambering over boulders soon reaches the head of a third pitch, rigged from spits in the right-hand wall. Below this the stream continues for a short distance before flowing into a narrow crack [QM C]. There are a couple of passages leading off from this section at roof level [QM C].

Upstream, the passage briefly narrows down, with a possible passage leading off in the ceiling [QM C], before widening out again at the start of a pile of crumbly boulders. Climbing up these with care leads to a wide ledge on the left with some good helictite formations. Ahead the passage ends in a boulder choke; there may be a way through on the left-hand side [QM C].

Shancheng Passage

From the entrance passage, the obvious inlet on the left passes a muddy pool to an upward-sloping section; some traversing is needed to avoid the narrow slot in the floor. After traversing over a pit where a drip enters from above, one reaches a second, larger pit; there may be a passage leading off at the bottom of this [QM B]. The obvious continuation of the passage can be reached by rigging a traverse line off the obvious naturals. The passage continues as a pleasant sandy-floored phreatic tube as far as a pit in the floor; this can be easily climbed down to a second, narrower drop with popcorn on the walls. At the bottom, one steps out into a larger chamber with continuations both ways.

The obvious large continuation down to the left grows in proportions to around 10m wide. After a short distance a passage enters from sharp right; this looks small and gnarly [QM C]. The main passage reaches a boulder choke, which can be negotiated by climbing up to the right in a low wide slot (Follow That Bat) between the ceiling and a fallen block. Following your nose through the boulder choke emerges in Dirty Minds.

Dirty Minds

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Following the water downstream from the large trash pile enters a high, wide passage with boulders on the floor. On the right at the bottom of the entrance slope is the end of Shancheng Passage. Straight on continues to a boulder choke which is the connection to Splashdown.


The Leng Dong entrance may be found by following the Tongzi to Tengzha road to an obvious bend; here walk 30m to the obvious hole. Slither down the mud and rock slope to the base of a shaft. The main way on continues downslope to the left. To the right leads up into to a large, bouldery chamber with no ways on but with some attractive rimstone pools with tadpoles, shrimps, etc, in a passage leading off from the right of the chamber. Back at the main entrance shaft, descending the slope passes a second daylight shaft on the left and a short section of flooded passage on the right which ends in a static sump. Downslope quickly opens out into a very large, high passage with big boulders on the floor and a small stream. A smaller passage on the left lead up and loops back to the second entrance shaft and a 2m climb on the left leads up to walking size higher level passage and then to viewpoints back down to the main trunk passage. Continuing descending downstream passes an inlet with a small stream on the right which is initially roomy but which rapidly degenerates into breakdown.

After around 200m descent of the main passage there is a major junction where a second stream enters from the left. Turning left, upstream, is the beginning of Splashdown. The stream continues descending to the right. Climbing through boulders shortly after the junction allows you to descend to stream level but after only around 50m two smooth-sided plunge pools are encountered. With moderate water levels (a small stream flowing at the entrance) these pools require swimming to cross (and the water, having been filtered through the Shang He Tao Wan trash pile, is somewhat noxious). Crossing the first pool leads to a 5m deep waterfall, requiring proper rigging. The main passage appears to continue at the same, grand scale downstream of this point [QM A].


Turning left at the main Leng Dong junction heads upstream in large passage. The first section is awkward clambering over breakdown but much of the next half-kilometre is easy walking at stream level; one short section requires climbing up to the left to bypass a 1.5m cascade. The dimensions of the passage are impressive, usually around 20m wide and high.

Eventually the stream runs into a boulder choke; if the water level is reasonably low one can follow one's nose through this and emerge in Dirty Minds.
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