dong Fengdongyan -


Nom de la grotte : Fengdongyan -
Autres noms : Postman's Top Hole
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.227871 - 107.946760
Altitude (m) : 908
Développement (m) : 46
Profondeur (m) : 41
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Fengdongyan ,


Description 1

Shaft surrounded by trees on the edge of a field.

Twin openings on the surface (separated by a rock bridge) open to single shaft w/ a bridge of jammed rocks where a draft can be felt. Below the shaft bells, out landing on boulder floor where the main way on is a dry streambed leading down to a boulderchoke. There are also two small calcite rifts: one of which is too narrow and the other is an oxbow which rejoins the main passage at the boulderchoke. At -30m a possible way on involves bolting up flowstone.

BRJ 2003.09.21, MDR, JSD

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537 caractères - Lu 104 Fois

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