dong Donghedong 2 - 洞河洞2


Nom de la grotte : Donghedong 2 - 洞河洞2
Province, Préfecture, District :
Sichuan 四川省, Yibin Diqu 宜宾, Xingwen 兴文
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
28.15446 - 105.17962
Altitude (m) : 472
Développement (m) : 760
Profondeur (m) :
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Donghedong 2 洞河洞2,


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WALTHAM, A.C; WILLIS, R.G. (eds.) (1993): Xingwen. China Caves Project 1989-1992.-
Bridgwater TA7 0LG, British Cave Research Association. 48pp. (maps, photos, surveys) (chinese abstract). ISBN 0-900265-15-9.
A report on various projects: The Pan Yang Caves, Bama, Guangxi Province 1989. The Mengzi karst of southern Yunnan 1991. The karst of the Tibet Plateau 1992 and the largest part, the exploration of the Xingwen karst of Sichuan Province 1992. Geomorphol. map of Karst of Xingwen, Sichuan. Cave surveys of : Zhucaojing (Xingwen, Sichuan): 8,80 km +1,75 km; Tiencuan dong (Xingwen, Sichuan): 8,10 km /-208 m; Xia Dong (Xingwen, Sichuan): 2,20 km; Yanzi Luo Shui Dong (Xingwen, Sichuan): 1,80 km /- 316 m + 1,12 km / -199 m; Pan Yang Dong cave system (Bama Guangxi). (RM).
Source : BBS

WALTHAM, Tony; BROOK, Dave; BOTTRELL, Simon (1993): The Caves and Karst of Xingwen, China.-
Cave and Karst Science vol.20 nr.3 / Dec 1993: 75-86 (maps, photos, surveys).
Xingwen is a spectacular karst formed on a limestone escarpment in Sichuan investigated by the China Caves Project in 1992. Over 26 km of cave has been mapped, including some very large fossil passages, and there is considerable scope for further exploration. Cave inception and development has been controlled closely by the geology, and a remarkable large proportion of the caves were initiated on the same bedding plane. The limestone surface has areas of young pinnacle karst and older cone karst. Two giant dolines have formed where ancient caves have been breached by sinkhole shafts. Between them, the surface and underground of Xingwen provides a textbook example of karst development on a remarkable scale. (AUTHORS; RM).
Source : BBS

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