dong Liuchiaokoushangdong - 六尺凹口上洞


Nom de la grotte : Liuchiaokoushangdong - 六尺凹口上洞
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.21364 - 107.9335
Altitude (m) : 1265
Développement (m) : 1 093
Profondeur (m) : 265
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Liuchiaokoushangdong 六尺凹口上洞,


Description 1

Head towards Qikeng from Tianxing. After first shortcut rejoins road, take the immediate uphill continuation of the path. From Liu Chi Aokou Xia Dong head directly uphill towards a col. Shang is on the left hand side of the field at the col.

A 1-m diametre hole at the base of a mud wall at the side of a field leads immediately to a short climb down and then slope down through a muddy hole into the cave proper. A drippy 4m aven enters from above and the passage continues upstream and down. Upstream goes for 15m of walking passage to a mud choke with a vocal connection to the surface. On the right a well-decorated tube leads to a small maze of muddy tubes which eventually rejoin the main streamway downstream. Downstream 3-5m high, 4-10m wide easy walking passage with a distinct roof channel and a small stream running down a channel between large mud banks on either side goes for 200m to a choke, passing two high-level oxbows on the left. The way on is follows the stream down a hole on the right which leads to a small chamber and then a strongly draughting 5m flat-out crawl in water and mud. A further 20m of crawling and awkward climbs leads to the head of the first pitch. Traversing over the top of the pitch gains a mud-floored passage which immediately branches. Passage to the right goes to a crawl through very shattered rock and terminates in a choke. The left branch is initially 8m wide, but soon reaches a junction with a large boulder in the middle. To the left a tight rift is blocked by boulders with tree roots. To the right the passage goes for another 25m of easy walking with all ways on terminating in boulder chokes.

The first pitch is rigged with a traverse to a 31m freehang which passes several interesting alcoves/dry inlets. The freehang continues for another few metres to the floor, but the pitch is best rigged by swinging through an eyehole into a smaller muddy parallel rift, rigged with a thread rebelay. After a further 9m the rift rejoins the main shaft beyond a boulder blockage, and a rebelay gains the floor.

From the foot of the first pitch, a short crawl leadsd to an aven underneath the main pitch. An alternative wriggle leads to a very small unexplored continuation. Meanwhile, a 2-3 metre wide passage descends over breakdown to the SW, enlarging after 30m to a 15m wide chamber with a large aven on the W side. A passage to the S is unexplored, while the main way on descends to the E in 3m wide passage with a floor of breakdown. After 30m, the passage enlarges to 8m wide, before splitting with the small streamway following a 1.5m wide canyon to the right, while the larger route to the left is a dry oxbow which soon rejoins.

Beyond here, the passage swings NE and enters a 30m wide breakdown chamber, with what appears to be a large aven on the S side In fact, a doorway at the back of this leads to 5-10m wide bouldery ascending passage that has a small inlet. Following this leads to a large calcite ramp above which the passage ends at a calcited boulder choke with a noticeable draught. Back in the main passage the chamber is 40m long, and beyond it the passage returns to a width of 3-5 metres , passing through several areas of collapse until a junction is met after 100m. To the left (W) is unexplored while to the right (E) is a climb down a large boulder pile to a 10m wide chamber from where a climb down to the left enters a crawl in the stream to the head of the 2nd pitch. Straighton from this chamber a short climb up leads to a larger continuation. After 40m a handline climb down reaches a streamway flowing back towards the second pitch. Following this upstream continues on the same trend but the pasasge soon diminishes in size. Just after an aven on the right the way ahead deteriorates to a crawl that ends at a strongly draughting dig with echoey space beyond. An alternative climb up gains an interesting keyhole passage about 1m across. This has been followed for about 50m or so to a mud blockage with an aven beyond and a rats' nest visible.

From the base of the second passage, the cave continues as narrow rift, descending a further two pitches. The passage is ongoing but narrow.

2003, 2004 VY

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Aut. Var. edited by Erin Lynch
Hong Meigui Tian Xing 2004 Expedition. Cave expedition to Tian Xing, Chongqing Municipality, China 29th September to 5th December 2004
Final Report.

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