dong Kengdangdang - 坑凼凼


Nom de la grotte : Kengdangdang - 坑凼凼
Autres noms : Kendan
Province, Préfecture, District :
Chongqing 重庆, , Wulong 武隆县
Latitude Nord - Longitude Est :
29.23402 - 107.93429
Altitude (m) : 946
Développement (m) : 283
Profondeur (m) : 178
Profondeur - / + (m) : 0 /
Volume (m3) :
1Entrée : Kengdangdang 坑凼凼,


Description 1

From Tianxing head north on the road. Take the first turn on the right. Follow the road down until it ends at a Farmhouse. Just past the farmhouse there is a shakehole in bamboo on the right.

The entrance to this cave is in the base of a surface collapse surrounded by a bamboo thicket. A dug out mud choke enables a short squeeze onto a muddy ledge. Immediately, a short pitch (8m) from the muddy ledge drops into large walking passage. Looking back and up, the mud and boulder choke just descended is seen. A small stream runs in the floor which is followed downward to a 2m climb and second pitch. This 20m pitch is in a splendid, approximately 20m diameter shaft, though weak shaley beds make the rigging awkward. An unexplored passage is passed 5m from the bottom. From landing, 10 metres brings the caver to the start of the largest part of the cave. Sequences of pitches follow. Firstly, a sling traverse around a large muddied flowstone leads onto a broad ledge where an inlet enters. Here, a Y hang and rebelay below the lip drops 15m to another broad ledge made up of dark grey thin limestone beds which have a slate-like appearance. Below this point the rock is fragile making rigging more awkward. A combination of floor and wall bolts, rope protector and rebelay over the edge ensure a good hang. The fragile nature of the rock beds is clearly seen during the 23m drop.

Landing on a wide floor, the passage is of large dimensions. This is the top of a boulder choke, the descent of which is on the right hand side, moving over to the left side half way down. The head of the next pitch is reached (8m, traverse, 15m) which links with a second (25m, 9m), all following the course of the stream. None of the pitches are wet descents.

A final short rig (8m) with the aid of a deviation leads to a section of steep cascading passage then another short 8m pitch into a pool. Here is the start of 'crumble crawl' (small deep pool in the floor), a gear snatching 20m passage where help is required to pass tackle bags. At the exit a 3m climb down to the stream is the head of the next pitch. An aven enters on the right. Enter the stream passage at low level to rig a Y hand and deviation to line the rope up with a body sized slot down. Below this the pitch opens out. A second Y hand and rebelay 10m from the floor keeps most of the water off on the 25m descent.

At the bottom, tall large passage reduces to canyon quickly where progress is constricted and difficult. Moving between different levels in the canyon, some crawling is involved - water flow can be seen in the bottom of the canyon but is largely inaccessible. The draught is constant and in-flowing.

The limit of exploration is just beyond an inlet on the right hand side. This inlet leads to a high and dry abandoned watercourse. The cave is generally very muddied throughout.

BRJ, RBG 2004.10.17

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topographie Kengdangdang 坑凼凼
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