expeYunnan Resurgences 2004

Nom : Yunnan Resurgences 2004
Année : 2004
Date : 15/01/04 au 9/02/04
Nationalité : Internationale
Organisateurs : HMG
Members List : [4]
Duncan Collis, Chris Densham, Rich Gerrish, Erin Lynch.

Résumé :

Yunnan Resurgences 2004 was a 25-day, 4-person winter expedition (January-February), to explore resurgences in the Yangtze valley during the dry season. The expedition explored one known resurgence cave (C3-1, Shui Lian Dong) for 1.3km to sumps. Following geological predictions, they also found a second large resurgence (C3-96/97, Lucky Benevolent Water) up a nearby tributary.

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