expeTian Xing 2004

Nom : Tian Xing 2004
Année : 2004
Date : 29/09/2004 au 05/12/2004
Nationalité : Internationale
Organisateurs : HMG
Members List : [14]
Erin Lynch, Ilya Akmetshin, Kirill Bagrii, Dave Barrett, Ilya Boiko, Duncan Collis, Oliver Trueb, Masha Grigorjeva, Brian Judd, Barry Kennedy, Peter Lubimov, Dmitry Parshin, Matt Ryan, Vladimir Yurkuns.

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Hong Meigui Tian Xing 2004 was a 9-week, 15-member caving expedition to Tian Xing village of Wulong County, Chongqing Muncipality in southwest China. The expedition was affiliated to the Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society. The expedition continued work of previous Hong Meigui CES and China Caves Project expeditions to the same area.

A total of 9,665m of passage were surveyed, including significant extensions to Dà Kēng (depth 775m) and Liù Chǐ Aōkǒu Xià Dòng (depth 592m), which are now ranked as the second and fourth deepest caves in China. Numerous new entrances were located and explored, including Bamboo Cave (depth 356m) and Lánmù Shù Dòng (depth 230m), both with potential for further exploration.

A video documentary was made of the expedition. Biological specimens were collected as part of a ongoing collaboration with the Yunnan Institute of Zoology.

Follow-up expeditions are planned for 2005 and beyond.

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