Nom : China’93
Année : 1993
Date : 01/1993
Nationalité : Australienne
Organisateurs : ...-IKG
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Rauleigh Webb .

Résumé :

The January 1993 group was lead by Rauleigh Webb (from Western Australia) and they investigated caves in two areas north and south of Chongqing in Sichuan Province. Their expedition of six cavers was supported at the Chinese end by Prof. Zhu Xuewen & others from the Karst institute in Guilin and members of the Chongqing Geological Institution.

They visited and explored caves near Nan-tong (140km south from Chongqing), then went to Tongjing Scenic Park about 50km to the north of Chongqing. The most significant discoveries in the Nan-Tong area included:

- Houzhi (Monkey) Cave: 920m long and -247m deep;

- Cold Wind Cave: 4,905m long and -320m deep (with further unexplored large leads still continuing);

- Drain Cave: 1958m long.

A brief report of the expedition by Cameron Eldridge was published in "The Western Caver - 1993": Volume 33 pp.95-102 - "China '93: The unofficial report." A subsequent detailed "official" report was never published. Incidentally, two Chinese people were killed (due to a rockfall and associated falling debris scree) during this expedition while exploring a horizontal entrance in a doline at the time when the Aussie cavers were elsewhere exploring the vertical pitches in Houzhi (Monkey) Cave. Prof. Zhu ended up in hospital after getting his leg crushed between boulders and ereceived 25 stitches. (Perhaps this

explains why there was never an officially published report!)

Arthur Clarke

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