expeGuangxi China caves expedition

Nom : Guangxi China caves expedition
Année : 2000
Date : 30/9/2000 au 20/10/2000
Nationalité : Anglaise
Organisateurs : Yorkshire Rambler’s club/ Wolverhampton caving group
Members List : [15]
Ged Campion, Bruce Bensley, Steward Muir, Graham Salmon, Alister Renton, Shaun Penny, Mike Pitt, Alan Fletcher, Jon Riley, Arthur Clark, Arthur Salmon, Tony Penny, Harvey Lomas, John Whalley, Pascale Bottazzi.

Résumé :

The expedition to Guangxi was extremely successful having discovered and surveyed seventeen kilometres of cave in just three weeks. The caves were comprehensively photographed and a film was made by the Chinese for television. Our biologist discovered many new species of cave life and a wider chemistry project was completed on Shadong. In all the team undertook over 1,000 hours of work. Vital new contacts were made in China that will provide a platform for further expeditions. The next expedition planned for this area is scheduled for April 2002. The international caving world is interested in our work in China and we have been invited to speak at the Ninth International Congress of Speleology to be held in Brasilia.

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