expeChina caves’92

Nom : China caves’92
Année : 1992
Date :
Nationalité : Italienne
Organisateurs : MSNV - GNU
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Roberto Zorzin, Silvano Melotti, R. Beso, V. Soave.

Résumé :

In the 1992 the scientific collaboration began between the Civic Museum of Natural History of Verona and the Guizhou Normal University of Guiyang. The main aim of the expedition was to explore and survey new karstic caves by carrying out morphological, hydrological and speleogenetical investigations. The collection of these data was necessary in order to elaborate interpretative models of the karstic phenomena which, during similar climatic conditions, occurred in the Veneto region during Tertiary times. During the visit to Gongcheng County, in the Northheastern area of Guangxi, in collaboration with the Science and Technology Department of Guizhou Province, a 2.5 km cave section was explored and surveyed. www : > http://www.progettoguizhou.it/eng/spedizioni.htm <

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