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Nom : Fenglin Cave Project
Année : 1991
Date :
Nationalité : Japonaise
Organisateurs :
Members List : [11]
Goto Satoshi.

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Second expedition has 8 club: Edogawa Caving Club, Tokyo agriculture univ. explore club, Oosaka art univ.explore club,Kyusyu univ.explore club,Wako univ. explore club,Syonan Caving Club,Rikkyo univ.explore club,Speleo research Association.


Fenglin Cave Project of Japan


About Fenglin Cave Project

The 'Fenglin' are Chinese which means so-called Tower Karst. "Fenglin

project" was started in 1988 as the project which investigates caves in the

Karst area in China which has 'Fenglin'. Then, we did investigation in

Guichou in 1988 and in 1991. There are a lot of limestone zones in China.

Especially, in Guichou which is in the Chinese southern part, 80% of the

prefecture area is a limestone area. A lot of caves exist in these lime rock

areas. However, China was doing a non-open policy about 10 years before to

the foreigner. Therefore, except for the partial limestone area, the

investigation was in the difficult condition for the foreigner. After that,

entry to the non-open area of the foreigner was eased. Then, cave

investigation was done by the United Kingdom , France and so on . The

condition of the cave in unknown China began to be made clear. Some groups

such as "Fenglin project" and "Ritsumeikan university Expedition Club" are

doing an expedition from Japan.

However, the limestone zone in China is wide. The many limestone area where

cave investigation isn't done exist. Actually, a new big cave is reported

like every year.

We do continuation investigation in China which has the possibility to

discover a big cave. Then, our purpose is to discover a big cave and to


By above-mentioned purpose, "Fenglin Project" plan to do a continuous

expedition and implement it.

Representative of Fenglin Cave Project GOTO Satoshi

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