expeChina caves Doshan

Nom : China caves Doshan
Année : 2014
Date : 5/10/2014 25/10/2014
Nationalité : Anglaise
Organisateurs : BCRA-CCP-IKGG
Members List : [10]
Tim Allen, Jane Allen, Mark Richardson, Frank Pearson, Billy Pearson, Mark Sims, Chris Haigh, Rowan Scott, Zhang Yuanhai 张远海, Erin Lynch.

Résumé :

The expedition took place between the 5th and 25th October 2014, and was based in Dushan Town, An Long County, Guizhou. The organisation was a co-operation between the An Long County government, the Institute of Karst Geology from Guilin and the UK based China Caves Project. The field team comprised eight cavers from the United Kingdom and two from the Institute of Karst Geology, assisted by officials from the local government.

The expedition received a warm welcome from An Long Government leaders and the expedition is enormously grateful for the assistance they received especially with regards to transportation and local knowledge. The rural people were also helpful in assisting team members in locating cave entrances.

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