expeShaanxi project 2

Nom : Shaanxi project 2
Année : 2018
Date : 04/11/2018 18/11/2018
Nationalité : Tcheque
Organisateurs : CSS-IGCAS-IKG-SGI
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Vit Kaman, Jan Sirotek, Zdenek Motycka.

Résumé :

The second part of the Shaanxi 2018 expedition operated in China from November 4 to November 18, 2018. The goal was to follow up on the successful spring operation, when 8 km of new caves were discovered in the Xiaonanhai karst area, near the city of Hanzhong.

The expedition faced adverse weather and increased water conditions, but still managed to discover the continuation of the Tianxingyan cave with a length of 2 km and two new caves - Pubudong, in which a length of 800 m and a depth of -196 m was reached, and Heiwodong with a length of 1300 m and a depth of -170 m. Pubudong was subsequently connected to Tianxingyan Cave, bringing the total length of the system to over 9 km.

Another success of the expedition was the discovery of two giant stools and bone fragments, probably Stegodon, which was a Tertiary octopus, an ancient relative of today's elephants. The discovery was made in the old fossil passage of Tianxingyan Cave and the whole is currently under examination at the Beijing Institute of Paleontology.

The expedition was held in cooperation with the Czech Speleological Society and the Geological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences with the support of the Institute of Karst Geology from Guilin and the Geological Institute of Shaanxi Province.

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