expe CRF China Project

Nom : CRF China Project
Année : 1993
Date : 03/1993 04/1993
Nationalité : Américaine
Organisateurs : CRF/NSS/GNU
Members List : [0]
Ian Baren, Ron Bridgemon, Janet Sowers, Dwight Deal, Don Coons, John McLean, Mick Sutton, Tom Strong, Mike Newsome, Chuck Pease.

Résumé :

The Cave Research Foundation's cooperative venture with Chinese scientists continued in 1993. For a month during March and April, a thirteen member team again joined forces with speleologists from the Guizhou Normal University in Guiyang. The primary areas of study during this expedition included a continuation of work started by a CRF team in 1991~1992 near the town of Guado (west of Guiyang) and a new area near Kai Kou south of the capital city.

A total of 33 caves were visited during the expedition and nearly 18 kilometers of passage weresurveyed.

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