expeYunnan 2005 expedition

Nom : Yunnan 2005 expedition
Année : 2005
Date : 16/07/2005 14/08/2005
Nationalité : Anglaise
Organisateurs : HMG
Members List : [15]
Rich Bayfield, Simon Froude, Martell Linsdell, Katie Froude, Ruth Kerry, Alys Mendus, Louise Dugan, Hugh Penney, Ben Stevens, Jon Witchett, Ben Stevens, James Bruton, Steve Whitlock, Maxine Bateman, Liu Hong.

Résumé :

Yunnan 2005 was a 4-week, 13 person summer caving expedition to further explore the potential of the Zhongdian mountain range. This expedition involved a visit to the major resurgence found the previous year (C3-96/97, Lucky Benevolent Water) and to known and unexplored areas on the mountain plateau up to 2,300 metres above this resurgence. Major finds included the logging and exploration of 61 new cave entrances including a drafting sink with significant length potential (C3- 338). Unfortunately frustrations with terminal chokes and flood prone caves prevented the expedition from making any significant progress on the depth potential of the area with Dawa Dong (C3-294) remaining the deepest known cave on the plateau at 131m.

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