expeBaishan 2018/2019

Nom : Baishan 2018/2019
Année : 2018-2019
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Northeast China is known to have karst caves as well as volcanic caves. However, contrary to the spectacular karst in southern and central China, virtually no speleological investigations have taken place in NE China so far. Consequently, the area was targeted by a small team of Chinese, Russian, Dutch and German cavers between Christmas 2018 and 10th January 2019 for a lightweight reconnaissance expedition. The karst along the Hunjiang River and its tributary valleys in Jilin province, as well as the Jingpohu Volcanic Geopark in Heilongjiang province were visited. The area visited is located close to the North Korean border.

Northeast China has very harsh winters with temperatures dropping at night to -40o Celsius. Daytime temperatures were around -10o. This was a challenge, but winter resembles the dry season in NE China with continuous sunshine, making the cold bearable.

In total 25 caves were visited, twelve of which were mapped. Altogether, about 1 km of cave passages were documented. Although this presentation also reports on the (minor) speleological results and especially on the bat fauna, it focuses on the current circumstances for foreign cave surveyors when travelling in China on a private level.

By Michael Laumanns, Speleo Club Berlin, Germany

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