expeChina Fenglin Project : Guizhou Shishao 2008 Expedition

Nom : China Fenglin Project : Guizhou Shishao 2008 Expedition
Année : 2007-2008
Date : 27/12/07 6/1/2008
Nationalité : Japonaise
Organisateurs :
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後藤 聡 Satoshi Goto, Honda Yukimasa, Nakagomi Yukiko, Koike Jun, Hadano Takao, Miyazaki Tomohiko, Morizumi Koichi, Noike Kobei, Ochiai Naoyuki, Kobayashi Ayumi, 栗栖 隆一 Ryuichi Kurisu, 李坡 Li Po, 贺卫 He Wei, 钱治 Qian Zhi, 韩风 Han Feng, 张开琪 Zhang Kaiqi, Wu Qinglin.

Résumé :

In March 2006, some members of Tokyo Speleo Club

joined the exploration that organized by France team

in China Guizhou (Guizhou-Kaolin2006). Taking the

opportunity, we resume Fenglin Project as China Fenglin

Project. It has been discontinuing the activity since


On the research in the end of 2006 to the new year of

2007, we explored 16 caves including in Chuan Dong

cave system (4316m) and Duancengyan Dong – Da Dong

cave system (3366m) and we surveyed a total of 9491m.

However we can’t finish at the year. So this time we

continued the survey. As a result Fengbei Dong reached

5km and connected underground stream for resurgence to

plateau. Confi rmation of this connection was an aim of this

area’s survey.

On this time we sometime came back late into the night

because of need to over 3 hours to reached survey point in

Fengbei Dong. For example, fi nal day same member came

back daybreak on the morning. We may have to preparation

of camp in the cave on hereafter activities.

These survey bring on 11days from the end of year to

the New Year because of Japanese can take long holidays

easily. We spend 4 days go survey area and back, and 1 day

was a reserve day. We could use only 5 or 6 days for survey

but could survey 7630m. On past 2 times expedition, we

had totally only 10 days but could survey 16km. However

it is not fi nish the survey of all caves. But we may be able

to grasp on outline of underground stream of this area

according to survey of main water system and caves except

in upper stream of Big Fall. Concerning upper stream of

Big Fall of Fengbei Dong, exploration and survey probably

will finish next expedition. Therefore report of this

expedition issue only electronic publishing. And after the

survey of 2008-2009 we will print and publish the report.

China Fenglin Project

GOTO Satoshi

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