expeGuizhou 2005 scientific – speleological

Nom : Guizhou 2005 scientific – speleological
Année : 2005
Date : 22/07/2005 08/08/2005
Nationalité : Italienne
Organisateurs : MCSNV - GNU
Members List : [4]
Leonardo Latella, Daniele Avesani, Gaetano Gozzo, Stefano Meggiorini.

Résumé :

A scientific – speleological expedition was carried out in the counties of Guanling and Zhenfeng (South Guizhou) in the period from 22nd July to 8th August 2005. Taking part in the expedition were Leonardo Latella, Daniele Avesani, Gaetano Gozzo and Stefano Meggiorini. In the course of the research work 15 new caves were explored and noted for a total development of up to approx. five kilometers. Inside the caves faunistic elements were collected which will enable to study in depth the bio geographical and biospeleological knowledge of the karst areas of South China. Contemporary to research in the caves, external zoological research was carried out and chemical-physical analysis of the underground and surface waters were effected.

Aim of the expedition and of these first researches was also that of setting up a new cooperation program between the Museo di Storia Naturale di Verona and the Guizhou Normal University of Guiyang to study the biodiversity of areas subject to desertification in Guizhou. www : > http://www.progettoguizhou.it/eng/spedizioni.htm <

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