expeGuizhou 2001

Nom : Guizhou 2001
Année : 2001
Date :
Nationalité : Italienne
Organisateurs : MSNV - GNU
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The research planned for 2001 was carried out in the surroundings of the village of Hong Lin, in the county of Qianxi (Guizhou). This territory had been partially explored during the previous expedition. The members of the expedition first spent a few days in Guiyang for the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the Guizhou Normal University. Some lectures in geology, speleogenesis and biospeleology were also given during this brief stay before the team travelled to the village of Hong Lin. The specific aim of the project was the study of the dynamics of the subterranean ecosystems which are completely unknown in this area. Four of the largest caves explored during the “Guizhou 2000” expedition were monitored during the twenty-day stay and seven kilometres of new caves were charted. Fauna and physio-chemical data were collected within these caves. www : > http://www.progettoguizhou.it/eng/spedizioni.htm <

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