dong Niubizidong - 牛鼻子洞

The entrance pitch lands on a mud slope, with a sump at the bottom. At a slightly higher level than the sump, large horizontal passage leads off to the southeast. After 30m the passage splits.
At the lower level, the left-hand wall can be followed to gain a muddy chamber. A window 8m up on the left-hand wall has not been investigated. At the far end of the chamber, a 4m climb leads to the top of a 10m pitch down into a sizeable chamber.

The alternative route from 30m into the caves is to climb up the mud bank to gain the right-hand side of the passage. From here a side passage leads up to the southeast. This passage can be followed past calcite formations, down a mud slope, through steep downhill stooping passage, and down more steep mud to a 5m easy climb. This climb provides a bypass into the large chamber alternatively reached by the 10m pitch from the first branch.

Hilary Greaves
Erin Lynch
Gavin Lowe
Liu Hong
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