dong Ludiaoaidong - 鹿掉岩洞

Lu Diao Ai Dong – Feld-Down Cow Cave (GZ/Qx/11)
Guizhou, Qianxi County, Honglin Town
N 27° 06’ 54” E 105° 51’ 31”
Altitude: 1501 m a.s.l.
Cave length: 897 m
Vertical range: + 62, -40(?) m
Exploration: Guizhou 2000, Guizhou 2003
Surveyors: G. Rossi, R. Zorzin (19 Oct. 2000); A. Bileddo, C. Ciapparelli (25 Nov. 2003)
Type of research: physical-chemical analyses, biological
Cave description:
The entrance is located on the slope of a wide and deep doline, and it probably was is a collapse feature. The cave is an impressive inactive gallery up to fifty meters high. The cave was quite certainly a formerly allogenetic fed cave, it is now dry except for the deepeest part where a small stream fills a long and shallow lake dammed by large choke. A short branch ends in a 40 m deep shaft. An artificial wall reinforces the entrance and the cave shows man-made alterations. (G. Rossi)

Leonardo Latella, Roberto Zorzin : Caves explored during the scientific expeditions to China of the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale of Verona
Research in South China Karst - Memorie del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Verona - 2. serie - Monografie Naturalistiche 3-2008
Analyse : gkc-JPB
Results of the 13 expeditions organized by the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale of Verona to southern China. One-hundred-twenty-five caves were explored, for a total of more than 60 km in length. For each cave we list the progressive number, the cadastral number, the type of research conducted and a short description of the cave. Most of the caves are located in Guizhou Province, in Qianxi County. The hydrogeology, biology, geography and archaeology of the area were investigated during the scientific expeditions. 40 pages, No caves maps, 21 photos.

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