dong Midong - 迷洞

Follow road South East from Tianxing. After about 1 km turn left at junction 1. Continue straight on, ignoring the road to the left (which leads to Da Xiao Dong) at 0785500 3234832. When the road ends after about 3 kms at 0785758 3233864, take the path South East down to the large Mi Dong entrance depression at the head of the valley.
The entrance depression drops steeply 110m to a vertical shaft 100m in diameter and 80m deep. Upstream ascends steeply and there appears no obvious way on at floor level. The passage downstream measures 40m high and 15m wide and contains many pools and short climbs. The amount of rigging and float cord required depends on water levels. After 100m a short handline is required to to enter a small plunge pool. 50m later another ahdnline is required in higher water. A 30m rope was used to assist for the the following cascades as well. 250m from the entrance a rope is required on a 5m pitch. 250m later 3 more pitches are met which drop into a large strongly drafting streamway which eventually requires swimming in wet conditions. In drier conditions walking passage is encountered with the main stream sinking into gravel just beyond an aven after about 300m. A sandy passage continues to a rubbish filled inlet beyond which a gurgling sump is immediately encountered. This might be open in lower water conditions.
Several lakes and waterfalls where slings/float cord are recommended.
This cave responds dramatically to rain. Many climbs in the streamway will become impassable or require rigging with an increase in water levels.
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