dong Xianrendong - 仙人洞

The second cave, Renhe Spirit Cave, is on a hill behind Renhe District’s Huben Village next to the Lotus (Lianhua) Temple. It is within the provincial protected forest of Big Black (Da He) Mountain. Our GPS reading of the entrance was 26°39’16.8”N and 101°40’05.6”E at an elevation of 2,180 meters.
This cave is split due to the shifting of two plates. The highest part is about 30 meters with a maximum width of only three meters. Where it is narrow, even a slightly bigger person would find it difficult to squeeze through. It is simple, with no side channels branching off the main cave.
[Zhang Fan]

Zhang Fan, 2009, Caves not just for tourists.
China explorers China Exploration and Research Society CERS newsletter,p.11 à p.13,VOLUME 11 N°. 3 Autumn 2009.
Analyse :
Description de deux cavités (Xianrendong) (Sichuan, Panzhihua, Renhe). 3 photos couleurs, 1 topographie.

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