dong Xianrendong - 仙人洞

Panzihua East Cave is located only 6.5 kilometers to the east of town, on a hill behind Nong Nong Stream Town at a village by the same name. The GPS reading was 26°38’03.6”N and 101°41’12.4”E with an elevation of 1,882 meters. It has a sub- surface stream and is called a water cave.
A pool inside feeds a wide stream which takes up most of the cave’s entire width. But the water is shallow and never deeper than knee-high, flowing outside the cave to become a stream. According to locals, the stream used to come out of a tiny hole and the villagers dug a wider entrance to get more water. When they did, they found the cave.
Our exploration showed the cave to be 123.4 meters in length with a maximum height of 7.7 meters and maximum width of 7.5 meters. The formation is rather simple and follows the stream’s development As it is still a water-filled cave, it does not have any stalagmites.
[Zhang Fan]

Zhang Fan, 2009, Caves not just for tourists.
China explorers China Exploration and Research Society CERS newsletter,p.11 à p.13,VOLUME 11 N°. 3 Autumn 2009.
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Description de deux cavités (Xianrendong) (Sichuan, Panzhihua, Renhe). 3 photos couleurs, 1 topographie.

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