dong Zhaishidong -

Start where the Yan Cang He river crosses the road from Tongzi to Tudi. Follow the path along the river heading upstream. Cross the bridge just before the entrance to Quan Kou Dong. About 50 meters after the bridge head up the steep rocky trail (not up the canyon). After about 200 meters of elevation gain, the trail emerges from the vegetation and crosses the fields above Quan Kou Dong. Follow the trail to the village. About 3/4 through the village turn right up a path to an obvious entrance visible on the hillside. Pass through a patch of bamboo and by a few graves while following the trail uphill to the entrance. Water pipes emerge from the entance.

The entrance is about 10 meters wide and 5 meters high with a wall across it and a concrete platform inside. Two water pipes head into the cave.There is a dry stream bed along the left side of the passage after the first 70 meters. About 300 meters into the cave the main passage heads right while a 15 meter wide passage heads up to the left (QM A)with air.The lead becomes taller and narrower and a small infeeder enters high on the left. It may be possible to climb the eall about 6 to 8 meters to follow the water (QA B). The water crosses the main passages and flows into a hands and kness crawl for about 6 meters and then down a short drop that looks climbable at the top but appears to bell out below (QM B). Heading farther along the passage past the infeeder, the passage goes to a tall room with a (8 meter?) climb at the far end (QM B). Back at the right hand turn in the main passage, the passage has more breakdown. After about 70 meters it splits with a lower level and an upper level that diverge and rejoin.
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