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From the junction for Can Gou on the Tongzi road, walk down the road fro 20 minutes then follow a good path left down to the aqueduct which leads to the hydroelectic station at Can Gou. Take the aqueduct upstream until the river bed runs dry and the valley widens. There is a concrete bridge over the aqueduct here - and the remains of a bridge or weir in the dry river bed. Cross the bridge to the west bank of the aqueduct and follow the clear path steeply upward for around 100m to the 4m wide by 2m wide entrance which was drafting out. The path continues beyond, going steeply up the hillside.
The entrance is approximately 4m wide and 2.5m high, hung with cobwebs, with a noticeable cold outwards draught. Inside is a slope running down at around 40 degrees to the floor of a large, dry, choss-floored chamber, which appears to have a hole in the floor. Further exploration was not possible with the available lights. [QM A].
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