dong Xiongjiadong - 熊家洞

300m north of Ma Wan Dong in the Er Wang Dong valley. The entrance is on the west side of the valley, a short way south of an aquaduct across the valley. Best path to the entrance is along the S side of the rice paddies, then follow a steep path up the vegetation.

15m wide, 4m high vegetated entrance opens onto 30m wide chamber with formations on the left. To the left a ramp slopes up steeply to hading passage which ends after 80m at a small second entrance from which the Ma Wan Dong entrance is visible. Most of the draught in the cave is a through draught from this entrance to thea lower, main entrance.
From the chamber, turn right going past a few pools to a complicated section of large block breakdown with the slanting dip of the beds very evident in the slope of the ceiling. To the N the breakdown leads to 80m of flat mud floored walking passage that pinches out. To the S there is a route down through boulders to Pitch Passage, which descends past muddy flowstone, a nitrate pit, and two large boulders to a cross-rift where the ceiling is significantly higher and a pitch down is met. The pitch descends to a 40m long, 10m wide chamber which slopes up over slippy mud to a boulder choke.
To the SE in the breakdown area, a 3m wide flat floored triangular shaped passage heads S. On the right a side passage slopes down, connecting to Pitch Passage. Further on another passage on the right goes to a blind chamber. The passage terminates at the head of a pitch which presumably connects into Pitch Passage.
A dozen medium-sized brown bats were seen roosting in the entrance. There were white cave crickets throughout the cave.
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