dong Guigudongtianyan - 鬼谷洞天眼

Where the concrete path turns sharply downhill on the way to rig Gui Gu Dong head uphill for 20m to a small clearing.
1.5m wide by 3m long shaft bridged by rotten trunk is best rigged with a tree backup to a main tree belay. An immediate long deviation clears the initial section of sloping debris, giving a clean hang to a small ledge at -14m. Here a traverse to the south leads to a small aven with no way on. From the ledge, a y-hang rigged on the opposite wall serves for a further 19m descent past two too tight holes in the northern wall to a sloping floor of rubble. A short section of constricted rift leads to the bottom of a drafting aven. Passage is visible at the top of a flowstone climb (bolts required).
EML 2003.12.03
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