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Open shaft (p44) starts as funnel approx 10x10m rigged from tree on right hand side bank and bolt in rock (RHS) at ground level (on lowest side). Main shaft ~4x6m, with two bolts above lip (-8m) and hang bolt at -12m (all RHS). Nice hang against wall to floor heap of rocks and wood. Floor L-shaped ∧ choked at both ends, but at N a c5 gains a continuation in narrow (1m) rift. At one point there is an annoying squeeze through a hole then climb down 3m to pitch head (spike belay 2m above).
Rift is quite varied but generally 1-2m wide in the wide bits - there are 2 parallel wide bits all the way down. Middle one is biggest but also wettest so rigging goes down other one for 1st 20 and last 16m. Series of steps (5 rebelays) reaches floor level with no way on. Rift aligned N-S, and hades at about 80°. Very drippy throughout the cave.
2001 logbook

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