dong Xiejiawandierdong - 谢家弯第二洞

Take road from Tianxing towards Mi Dong. At Mi Dong Junction take right fork. Just after the col turn immediately left down a steep path. This soon meets a larger track. Follow this downhill until it contours around to the left and reaches a farm. From the farm take path straight down hill. The path turns left and runs level through woods, emerging at a pair of farmhouses. Skirt round the back of both farmhouses and take a path going gently uphill. Entrance is 40-50m along, just left of the path.
3mx6m heavily vegetated shaft. 2m climb down to a ledge, from where a 19m pitch lands on a mud floor in a rift with no way on.
2003.10.24 DRJC, 2004.10.12 DRJC RBG

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