dong Xionajiadong west -

4.7 Xionajiadong West (West cave)
Zone 48 - 649367 2744627 Alt 1299m
Survey contains 50 survey stations, joined by 49 shots.
There are 0 loops.
Total length of survey shots = 1358.70m (1358.70m adjusted)
Total plan length of survey shots = 1282.02m
Total vertical length of survey shots = 360.98m
Vertical range = 158.27m (from xiongjia_dong.s2 at 1299.00m to xiongjia_dong.s35 at 1140.73m)
North-South range = 324.74m (from xiongjia_dong.s36 at 2744843.62m to xiongjia_dong.s6 at 2744518.88m)
East-West range = 458.21m (from xiongjia_dong.s55 at 649742.34m to xiongjia_dong.s6 at 649284.13m)
1-nodes (qty 2) 2-nodes (qty 48)
Large fossil cave with considerable formations and volume. Takes the same line as East cave, but is separated by a doline. There was evidence of previous exploration by local people. Considerable potential as a show cave, although inaccessible.

AUT. VAR. Collated by GED CAMPION (2001)
The YRC Guangxi Caves 2000 Expedition. The YRC Bulletin Summer 2001 64 p., 45 photos, 4 cartes, 8 topographies
Analyse : gkc-JPB
Résultat des explorations menéees au cours de l’expédition Guangxi Caves 2000 dans la province du Guangxi (Comtés de Leye et Lingyun).

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