dong C3-380 -

Location: 4km from Napa Hai campsite along yak track. 25m off trail. Description: Shaft descends as a 23m pitch split by a ledge. After the first 7m a loose debris/mud slope is encountered to a further pitch which continues down to blocked rifts at the bottom with no way on. RB, JW, JB

Aut. Var. Ouvrage collectif (2006) . Edited by Richard Bayfield
Hong Meigui Yunnan 2005 Expedition. Cave expedition to Yunnan Province, China
Expedition Report. Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society, February 2006

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56 pages, , 1 map, 83 photos couleurs. This report details the expedition carried out by members of the Hong Meigui Caving Club in Zhongdian, Yunnan Province, China. This expedition followed up on the prospecting and exploration of the Yunnan 2003 and 2004 expeditions, in order to continue to discover and survey caves found within a mountain range that has a potential depth range of up to 2,300 metres. Description of the studied area and the caves explored.

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