dong C3-409 -

(EPE 12m). On a flat section, no more than 10m from a steep dropoff. Description: 1m diameter vertical hole, free-climbable for 6m until diameter narrows to 40cm. Possible continuation, but would require persuasion to widen. Possible draught (difficult to tell), but not strong. AO, PL

Aut. Var. Ouvrage collectif (2006) . Prepared by Hilary Greaves
Hong Meigui Zhongdian Draughting Holes 2006 Expedition Report. Report prepared by Hilary Greaves. Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society, December 2006
Analyse :
30 pages, , 1 maps, 2 caves maps, 16 photos couleurs. Description of the studied area and the caves explored.

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