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Above NW side of the distinctive U-shaped col that is 1km WSW from Dawa’s village. Entrance is located at the top of the steep rise up from the col, just below a relatively flat section linking cave entrance to summit. The cave can be reached either by scrambling up from the U-shaped col (easiest on the north side, through light rhododendron bushes), or by following a machete trail through rhododendron bushes from the summit that is a few hundred metres SE of the cave. Description: Entrance is a very impressive 10m diameter shaft. Traverse line recommended for approach. The shaft drops vertically for 70m to a large ledge covered in loose rocks. A second pitch (40m) follows immediately and lands in a large chamber. A short, high walking rift passage leads after 10m to the way on: a small passage at floor level. [Continuing in the rift passage, a blank wall is met after a further 15m.] Following the small floor-level passage, it is possible to wriggle through a catchy gap between boulders to gain the head of the third pitch (15m). This pitch lands in a rift passage with a choked trench running along the centre of the floor. The way on is at the downstream (= uphill) end of this rift. The end of the rift has been dug to reveal a 45 degree, 2m long descending squeeze, which has been hammered. This squeeze is most easily descended feet first and facing the right-hand wall. Below the squeeze is a small chamber, just big enough to turn around in. Ducking under a drop in ceiling height gains a narrow (body-width or less) horizontal rift, approximately 3m high. This rift has been hammered along its length to remove obstructive projections of rock. It is possible to follow the rift (initially close to the ceiling, and later at floor level) for 6m to a 90 degree right-hand corner. It is possible to see around this corner into a short further section of body-width rift passage, and a 90 degree left-hand corner is visible after a further 2m. Passage appears to continue beyond the second corner; however, the first (i.e. right-hand) cor- ner has not been passed, and is at present too tight to pass. The rift carries a draught. AA, CJ, RGe, HG, GL, MH, AS, RB, PT, RGa Rigging: Pitch Entrance shaft (P70) 2nd (P40) 3rd (P20); Rope Rigging : 15m Traverse line (rig between rhododendrons) - 120m Main belay from rhododendrons; bolt rebelay; piton deviation; spike rebelay (top of big hang); bolt rebelay (bottom of big hang) - Bolt rebelay (rope continues from entrance shaft) 30m Naturals

Aut. Var. Ouvrage collectif (2005) . Edited by Hilary Greaves
Hong Meigui Yunnan Resurgences 2004 & Yunnan 2004 Joint Expedition Report Edited by Hilary Greaves, Hong Meigui Cave Exploration Society, March 2005
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101 pages, 1 map, 8 caves maps

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