dong Fengziyandong - 蜂子岩洞

Feng Zi Yan Dong – Bee Cliff Cave (GZ/Qx/27)
Guizhou, Qianxi County
N 27° 04’ 46’’ E 105° 54’ 13’’
Altitude: 1340 m a.s.l.
Cave length: 1460 m
Vertical range: -50 m
Exploration: Guizhou 2001, Guizhou 2003
Surveyors: G. Rossi, R. Zorzin, C. Ciapparelli (Nov. 2001)
Type of research: biological
Cave description:
The cave is a sinkhole that drains the water of a valley located on the eastern slope of the anticlinal that marks the hydrogeological border of the Honglin karst, thus Feng Zi Yan Dong is not part of the Honglin karst acquifer. The entrance is at the bottom of a high cliff closing a short collapse canyon. From the entrance a large gallery with breakdowns, leads after few hundreds meter to an inaccessible and windy passage where water disappears. A long regular branch comes off main way following the bedding plane direction. The bottom of the cave is covered with strongly startified silt-clay alluvium, which have been eroded by the subterranena river into four different terraces. The inlet ends in a low gallery closed by alluvial.
(G. Rossi, R. Zorzin)

Leonardo Latella, Roberto Zorzin : Caves explored during the scientific expeditions to China of the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale of Verona
Research in South China Karst - Memorie del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Verona - 2. serie - Monografie Naturalistiche 3-2008
Analyse : gkc-JPB
Results of the 13 expeditions organized by the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale of Verona to southern China. One-hundred-twenty-five caves were explored, for a total of more than 60 km in length. For each cave we list the progressive number, the cadastral number, the type of research conducted and a short description of the cave. Most of the caves are located in Guizhou Province, in Qianxi County. The hydrogeology, biology, geography and archaeology of the area were investigated during the scientific expeditions. 40 pages, No caves maps, 21 photos.

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