dong Qidong - 気洞

Qi-Dong is located at Yangiaao village 3km North-East- North from Shichao. It takes 10 minutes by walk from Yanfengwan-Dong. It is easy to find cave entrance from village's path.
Cave entrance is 1m in width, 2m in height and feel breeze. Inside of cave, high temperature and sultry. Passage is 5-10m width, 2-5m height, 50m depth and spelepthems grown much. Canopy(5•5m) is grown in deepest area.
Some artificial stone wall piled up cylindrically is seen in cave. Local guide said this stone wall used for making niter. It's guessed stone wall used for making gunpowder in during the war. This cave is not surveyed(only explored just 5 minutes).

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