dong Lupangxiaodong - 路旁小洞

The name of this cave “Lu pang xiao dong” means “the roadside cave”.
Located at right(west) side of a road to Wuchuan from Shichao.
After passing Fengbei dong. Entrance is 1.35m high and 1.6m wide.
There are some stones on the floor. This cave stretches to N 5m, then change direction to W. There are 2 unexplored branch at the points 2m from the entrance and changing direction. Shortly after changing direction, there is a fall of 1.8m. Then become 2m wide 5m high oval space. Flowstone is on the west wall. Above the fl owstone, a kind of rat was running up and down. But we did not climb up the flowstone. There is a crawlway under the fl owstone. Then it became wider and stretches to NW. Finally there is a 1m hollow and it seems to have a gap over the hollow, but we could not go in
( Nakagomi )

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