dong Wanhuayan - 万华岩

BAREN, Ian D; BRIDGEMON, Rondal R. (1993): China/ USA Caves Project. 1988 Cave Research Foundation Expedition.-

National Speleological Society News vol.51 nr.5 / May 1993: 124-129 (map, photos, survey).

A summary of exploration in Guangdong, Hunan and Guangxi Provinces. (RM).
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ZHU, Xuewen; WANG, Xunyi; ZHANG, Ren; TAN, Pengjia (1989) : Characteristics and development of Wanhuayan cave, Chenzhou City, Hunan. -

Proceed. Intern. Congr. Speleol., Budapest 1989; Vol. 2 : 485-486.

Morphology and speleogenesis of a stream cave 2,2 km long with a 5 km long branch passage. Geomorphol. map, cave map. (RB)
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AA, Edited by Rondal Rex Bridgemon and Karen Bradley Lindsley (1990?) : South China Caves

Information on the caves and karsts of South China and A report on the 1988 Joint expedition between the Institue of Karst Geology, the Speleological Society of South China Normal University and the Cave research Foundation ; 62 pages , 21 fig et topo, 25 photo.

Compte rendu de l’expédition de 1988 dasn la province du Guangdong et du Hunan et divers articles thématiques : - trois types rare de concrétion découvert dans le sud de la Chine - note sur la faune cavernicole - protection des cavités - utilisation et aménagement du karst - entrainement spéléo - fondement dela spélologie moderne chinoise - carnet de bord - présentation des 3 organismes IKG, SSSCNU, CRF - équipe - remerciements - Appendix
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ZHANG, Shouyue (1993): Grand caves of China.-

Proceedings XI Intern. Congress of Speleology, 2nd-8th August 1993, Beijing 1993: 236-237 (3 tab.) (chines. summ.).

Lists 21 caves with more than 200 m in elevation (Zhaidong -552 m; Gebihe -445 m, Wuajidong -430 m etc.); and 19 caves with more than 4,8 km in length (Tenglongdong 33,52 km; Duobingdong 17,2 km; Baimodong 13,7 km etc.). (RB).
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WANG, Xunyi (1993): On chinese- foreign joint cave expedition of IKG.-

Proceedings XI Intern. Congress of Speleology, 2nd-8th August 1993, Beijing 1993: 241-242 (chines. summ.).

A list of important cave systems and shafts surveyed by co- expedition teams in the period 1985 - 1992 is given. (RB).
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JIAN, Chen (1990) : Caves in China.-

NSS News vol. 48(2) : 43.

A list of 29 caves more than 2 km long.Tenglong dong (Hubei) 32, 0 km; Baishui gond(Guizhou) 22, 45 km; Duobing dong (Guizhou) 17, 21 km; Baimo dong (Guangxi) 15, 70 km etc. (RB)
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