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Conférence sur les grottes et karsts de Chine

mardi 06 janvier 2004 @ 09:00:08

Sujet : Divers

Conférence sur les grottes et karsts de Chine à la prestigieuse Royal Geographical Society, à  Londre et congrès national des spéléo anglais du 24 septembre au 4 Octobre 2004. Contact Andy Eavis

Preliminary Circular Re China Caves Project Weekend in London and National Caving Conference in Kendal

Friday September 24 to Sunday October 3 2004

 The UK-based China Caves Project is organising a major event at The Royal Geographical Society,London, to bring together those with a passion for caves and China.

 The main focus of the Friday evening, September 24, will be a highly illustrated lecture outlining the work carried out by the China Caves Project over the past 22 years and more recently the Hong Meigui Club. It will !! an introduction and build-up that will also refer to previous trips such as Mulu in Malaysia and conclude by talking about further work in China and other places such as Myanmar (Burma). In addition to conventional photography, there will be a series of 3-D pictures and the first screening of a newChinaCavesfilm.

 Afterwards, there will be a reception with buffet. Invited guests will !! members of  all the British expeditions carried out over that period, friends and expedition sponsors as well as anybody interested in caves, in China, or both.

 On the Saturday there will be a series of lectures to share the wealth of information that has been gathered in China by many groups, not only the China Caves Project. It is an opportunity to share information and coordinate research efforts in China. Although some lectures will present scientific results, the majority will be aimed at exploration and surveying.

 There will be a number of Chinese cavers present and it is hoped that the event will also attract participants from other parts of the world.

 In conjunction with the national caving bodies of Great Britain, there will be a programme of trips during the following week that will take in the major karst areas of theUnited Kingdom. These trips will be tailored to suit individual requirements and vary from some of the more difficult caves of South Wales and Yorkshire through to surface strolls looking at the limestone scenery.
 The following weekend Friday, October 1 to Sunday, October 3 - will be the National Caving Conference, Hidden Earth, this year based at the excellent Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal in the Lake District. It is hoped that some of the participants from The Royal Geographical Society event will also present papers at this occasion.

 Accommodation will be provided at reasonable cost for the whole period, from Friday September 24 through to Monday October 4. It is envisaged there will be no charge for admission to the Royal Geographical Society and the financial emphasis during the ten day period will be value for money.

This is an opportunity for interested parties from both Britain and abroad to have a China/Cave-related week in Great Britain. If you are interested in attending the event or participating in the Saturday lecture please contact Andy Eavis in writing at either Andy Eavis or Tidesreach,Redcliff Road, Hessle, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom, HU13 0HA. Alternatively you can contact Andy by telephone on 44 1482 648658 or fax 44 1482 647892.

Please feel free to pass this circular on to any other people you think might be interested.

 Andy Eavis      19.12.03

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