dong Baladong Shuidong - 水洞


Cave name : Baladong Shuidong - 水洞
Other cave name :
Province, Prefecture, County :
Guangxi 广西壮族自治区, Hechi 河池市, Bama 巴马县
Latitude North - Longitude East :
Elevation (a.s.l) m : 0
Length (m) : 904
Depth (m) : 60
Depth - / + (m) : 60 /
Volume (m3) :
Geology :

1Entrance : Baladong Shuidong 水洞,


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GILL, Dave; LYON, Ben; FOWLER, Simon (1990) : The caves of Bama County, Guangxi, China.-
Cave Science vol. 17 nr. 2 : 55-66.
Bama County contains a large hydrological system with associated caves, draining into the Pan Yang River, a tributary to the Hongshui. The Pan Yang cave system between Beimo Dong (main sink) and Fulong Dong rising was surveyed over 16 km, with passages as high as 145 m and 80 m in diameter. A total of 16 caves and 17 km of passages in Bama Co. were surveyed (10 cave surveys, area map,, phot.). (RB)
Source : BBS

WALTHAM, A.C; WILLIS, R.G. (eds.) (1993): Xingwen. China Caves Project 1989-1992.-
Bridgwater TA7 0LG, British Cave Research Association. 48pp. (maps, photos, surveys) (chinese abstract). ISBN 0-900265-15-9.
A report on various projects: The Pan Yang Caves, Bama, Guangxi Province 1989. The Mengzi karst of southern Yunnan 1991. The karst of the Tibet Plateau 1992 and the largest part, the exploration of the Xingwen karst of Sichuan Province 1992. Geomorphol. map of Karst of Xingwen, Sichuan. Cave surveys of : Zhucaojing (Xingwen, Sichuan): 8,80 km +1,75 km; Tiencuan dong (Xingwen, Sichuan): 8,10 km /-208 m; Xia Dong (Xingwen, Sichuan): 2,20 km; Yanzi Luo Shui Dong (Xingwen, Sichuan): 1,80 km /- 316 m + 1,12 km / -199 m; Pan Yang Dong cave system (Bama Guangxi). (RM).
Source : BBS

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