dong Shanwangdong -

Continue past Maitou Dong to clearing. Drop down through fields to cave.
12m wide by 6m high entrance leads to slope down with carved stairs. A cistern is located to the right to collect drip water. At the bottom of the slope there is flat mud floor (possibly modified) on the RHS and on the LHS boulders slope down to a floor of mud and small rocks. Beyond an area of boudlers the cave continues with flat mud floor, flowstone on the LHS, and several man-made small pits. A flowstone mound narrows the passage to 6m. Beyond it continues with a large column on the LHS, behind with a narrow passage goes for 10m. The main passage passes a big flowstone mound on the RHS. The floor changes to fist-sized rocks (mining debris?). Climbing up the LHS over boulders leads to a high area with a series of columns on the LHS followed by an area of large boulders. Beyondthe passage narrows and there are yet more nitrate pits. Large breakdown follows. A high level lead (6m climb) goes to a constriction. A handline is needed to descend a steep, loose slope into a large chamber. At the bottom there is a 13m pit blind pit and on the LHS of the chamber a series of small downclimbs and narrow passage leads to a false floor chamber WARNING: MUST TRAVERSE ON RHS! At the bottom there are boulder and mud with no way on.

Charley Savvas
Matt Ryan
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