dong A3 -

Location: High in the valley, near the main stream. A tributary stream descends a calcited cliff, and some of the water drops into the cave. N27.32700◦, E100.12376◦, alt. 4281m.
Description: The pitch descends 35m, initially quite tight, but more roomy lower down. At the bottom, there are only two possible digs. Note: the pitch is extremely wet, and probably often impassible.

Aut. Var. Ouvrage collectif. GAVIN LOWE Edited by
Haba Xue Shan Expedition. Cave expedition to Yunnan Province, China 24th August to 15th September 2013. 18p, 17 photos, 1 topographie, 1 carte
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Rapport d’expédition sur les flancs du Habaxueshan (Yunnan, Zhongdian) 5 cavités décrites dont une : Amingdong topographiée.

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