dong Xiaomachangerdong -

Location: UTM 0585041 3036281 Alt. 3185m.
Description: Entrance is located in a vegetated doline. Two rock arches side by side each lead to a 4m climb down (the right hand climb is marginally easier) to a vegetated floor, with a chamber beyond the drip-line to the right. From the chamber, a sloping shaft drops 25m to a second chamber, 5m across with a sloping boulder floor. At the uphill end of the chamber, a rift/alcove appears to be choked. At the downhill end, a crawling passage leads round a 90◦ right hand bend to a squeeze where the passage is partially blocked by a boulder. Crawling over the boulder gains 5m of walking passage to a small chamber/widening. Stooping passage continues beyond the chamber, reaching a 2m climb down after 20m. Beyond the climb there is a blank wall ahead, but passage continues to the right, bending back round leftwards to two further small climbs (1m, 2m), followed initially by descending passage and later by horizontal crawlway until an obvious chamber is reached, 40m from the last 2m climb. From the chamber, there is an aven on the left and a rift passage on the right that rapidly becomes too tight.

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